Our History


We expanded Algar Franquias’ operations, reaching 65 locations and 9 clusters in our concession area.

We acquired the assets of Smart Telecomunicações, in Recife.

We carried out the spin-off of the Telecom and Tech – BPO/IT Management business divisions.

We expanded Brain’s operations, opening branches in São Paulo and Recife.

We reached 354 cities, in 16 states and the Federal District, with operations for B2B customers.


We launched Algar Franquias, making Algar Telecom the first telecommunications company in Brazil to franchise the operation from end to end.

We started the Estação project to enable the development of disruptive solutions in a more agile way.

We participated as associate-founder of Brain, a private institute of science and technology.

We acquired Cemig Telecom assets, contributing to the geographic expansion, mainly in the Northeast.

We started to operate in the Brazilian Northeast and established a metropolitan network in Fortaleza (CE).

We began the operations of the submarine cable, linking Praia Grande (Brazil) to Boca Raton (USA).

We received the GIC (Singapore sovereign fund) as a shareholder of the Company.

We adhere to the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nation.

We launched the 4G service (700 MHz frequency).

We have partnered with Nokia to expand the offer of 4G mobile services at the frequency of 1,800 MHz.

We acquired Optitel, in 2015, giving us coverage of 237 cities in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

We purchased the 700 MHz frequency to provide 4G/LTE services.

We introduced the H Band (3G) into 19 more cities in Minas Gerais and expanded our retail operations.

We launched satellite TV.


We changed our name from CTBC to Algar Telecom.

We opened our capital with the first public issue of debentures.

We purchased a 3G license and started providing services.

We renewed our concession agreements for a further 20 years.

We purchased a metropolitan network in the city of São Paulo (SP).

We started providing internet access.

We received authorization to expand our fixed phone services countrywide.

We added long-distance calls to our portfolio.


We built our first fiber-optic network.

We launch the mobile telephony in our area of operation.

We began to offer Paid TV in Araguari (MG) and Uberlândia (MG).

We started the contact center operations in Uberlândia (MG).

We invested in multimedia.


We expanded the range of our services in the interior of Brazil.


We continued under private control, at a time when most of the telephone companies were being taken over by the Brazilian government.


We expanded operations to a thousand lines in Uberlândia (MG).

We set up an intercity service, with 24 channels via radio.

We incorporated Telefônica de Patos de Minas (MG).

We pioneered the use of a microwave system in the interior of Brazil.


Our story begins in 1954, in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, when Alexandrino Garcia founded CTBC, which is now Algar Telecom.