Corporate Profile

GRI 102-1, 102-2, 102-4, 102-5, 102-6, 102-10

We are an Algar group’s company providing services in Telecommunications, with domestic operations focused on B2B customers. Publicly held company since 2007, not listed on the stock exchange, we have been in the market for 66 years, committed to the best corporate governance practices. We have around 4,500 employees committed to a sustainable and innovative company. To this end, we are on a digital transformation journey to reduce the efforts of our customers and continuously improve their satisfaction, thus remaining as their top choice.

We believe that what makes us unique is our extensive infrastructure – built with modern technology and supported by a network of around 77,900 km of optical fiber, currently operating in 16 states, 354 cities and the Federal District – and our close service, personalized – advisory service – and effective.

To B2B customers – totaling around 129,000 in December 2019 and representing 59% of our revenues – we offer Telecom and IT solutions, including cloud and network security services, in addition to management systems for small businesses. Our regional offices have technical and commercial teams and ensure us more closeness and the delivery of added value to our customers.

In B2C, we are the market-share leaders in our operating area, which includes 87 municipalities in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Goiás, and Mato Grosso do Sul. We serve more than 1.2 million customers with complete solutions, including fiber broadband (FTTH – Fiber to the Home) and mobile.

In December 2019, the Tech – BPO/IT Management segment (which offered services and solutions in Business Process Outsourcing and technology support for corporate clients), operated by Algar TI, was removed from Algar Telecom’s business portfolio and became an independent company. The spin-off of the segments was approved at the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting to bring a better managerial focus and better understanding and monitoring of the performance of each business by the market.

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