Social Performance

Instituto Algar

Algar Telecom’s social investments are carried out through Instituto Algar, which gives guidelines and coordinates actions of the educational front (contributing to improving education in Brazil, with activities and training for students and teachers), the environmental front (engaging with, mobilizing and raising the awareness of the Company to continue implementing environmental initiatives) and fiscal incentives (by sponsoring projects made available under municipal, state and federal tax incentives).

Given the geographical expansion of Algar Telecom’s operations, we have also increased the extension of social projects to these regions, maintaining our commitment to invest in the communities where we are located. In 2019, we benefited around 14,750 students, 430 educators, 76 schools, 37 organizations in 26 cities.

Quality education – SDG 4

For Algar Telecom, education is fundamental for a country’s development. This means that we will only have a better Brazil if we have a better education. Our challenge is no longer to address the numbers, since today more than 90% of Brazilian children attend school. Our challenge now is to improve the quality.

To do our part, we focus our social programs on education, benefiting elementary and high school students, in partnership with public schools, education offices and social organizations. We believe in a comprehensive education that promotes autonomy, offers people new opportunities and develops them to make their own choices. For this reason, our activities also include activities related to culture, sports and volunteering.

Algar, which focuses on improving education, developing people and transforming lives; in communities where Algar Group operates its work contributes directly to the following goals:

  • Ensuring equal access for all men and women to technical, professional and higher education; Increasing the number of young people and adults who have technical and professional skills, for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship;
  • Young people and adults who have technical and professional skills, for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship;
  • Increasing the number of qualified teachers.

A successful case is the Talentos de Futuro Program, which contributes to the purpose of Quality Education, to substantially increase the number of young people with relevant skills, including technical and professional skills, for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

In addition to generating opportunities, the program also prepares social organizations that have the desire and possibility to replicate the methodology and thus transform the lives of young students from 14 to 18 years of public high schools to promote the development of behavioral skills.

In 2019, we benefited 14,756 students, 430 educators, 76 schools and 37 social organizations. Click here for more details on the initiatives.

Commitment to Educational Programs

We channel our social investment to education programs, partnerships with public schools and education departments in the regions where we operate. We are present in 26 municipalities and 12 states across Brazil, with the following programs:

  • Connected (Conectados) – relying on a partnership with education offices, this program complements the training of teachers and pedagogical coordinators. In 2019, the activities were focused in the use of active methodologies, technologies and management tools adapted to the school environment.
  • Talents of the Future (Talentos do Futuro) – carries out the training of young people who have completed or are attending high school in public schools. We seek to train them, contributing with the development of skills and necessary capacities for the job market and to life. In 2019, the Program was held in 4 new cities, through a partnership with social organizations, which replicated our methodology.
  • Transforms (Transforma) – helps to develop of children and adolescents, offering cultural and sports activities through tax incentive laws, strengthening social organizations.
  • Intelligence School (Escola da Inteligência) – based on Dr. Augusto Cury’s Multifocal Intelligence Theory, develops socio-emotional education in the school environment. The program’s purpose is to improve learning rates, reduce indiscipline, improve interpersonal relationships and increase the participation of families in the integral education of students.
  • Volunteer work – encourages the employees’ participation in social activities led by Instituto Algar. The purpose is that each employee contributes with their time, work and talent to create a better society. With education as the guiding element, the program has continuous actions to help students learn in a meaningful way in partner public schools; and with specific actions, which are more comprehensive activities designed by the committees, starting from a specific need identified in the community or on specific dates such as Children’s Day and Christmas.

Click here to see more information about the programs and main achievements of the Institute.

Projects with tax incentives

We channel all resources from permitted fiscal incentives to projects in culture, healthcare, sport and support for children, adolescents in situations of social risk. For these sponsorships we have the support of the Corporate Tax Incentive Committee, which identifies and manages funds at municipal, state and federal level. In 2019, 40 projects were supported, totaling investments of R$9.3 million.