Vision of the Future

The economic instability of recent years and slower pace to resume growth have challenged us to further develop our digital platforms, offers and more complete packages, helping build the loyalty of our customers. Despite the unstable scenario, we continue to invest in expanding the network and infrastructure, especially in optical fiber, and strengthen ourselves for the moment of economic recovery.

Our purpose for 2020 is to position ourselves as an increasingly national company, with sustainable growth based on the densification of networks in regions where we already operate, expansion of our operations – especially in the Northeast -, offer of innovative solutions and efficient service to customer, aspects that help generate value. With the growth and territorial expansion, we will continue to spread our organizational culture, ensuring the uniformity of our operations.

To remain competitive in a context subject to fast technological changes, we have a model that integrates technologies and produces innovative and efficient solutions. Our technological projects and innovation processes are based on the agile methodology and mindset. In this sense, Brain and Estação are key to develop disruptive solutions and products, adding value to our portfolio, generating new revenue inflows and helping us offer a high quality service and have a close relationship with our customers.

Estação is key to implement processes based on agile methodologies in other areas of Algar Telecom and to integrate employees into multidisciplinary teams. The area has been building a bridge between Brain and Algar Telecom’s operation, speeding up the launch of innovative products and services to the market.

In fixed network, we will continue to migrate retail customers to ultra-broadband plans in the recently expanded networks with optical fiber technology; and in mobile network, we will continue to expand our 3G, 4G and 4.5G offers, so that the customer can have more access to high-speed data services. In addition, we are helping develop rules to implement 5G and disseminate IoT in the industry.

We are empowered and ready to continue expanding our operations, making our operations increasingly national, positioning ourselves to provide unique services in quality and being close to our customers. We improved processes and evolved in business intelligence, strengthening the importance of innovation to grow in a sustainable way. Therefore, we are well-positioned to win new markets by offering disruptive solutions that facilitate and enhance our customers’ experience.

Our responsibility to guarantee access to telecommunications increases even more, considering the pandemic scenario due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Given the social isolation and distancing, we are aware of our role in bringing friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, family members and co-workers together, as well as ensuring access to information from official and reliable sources and entertainment services. We work tirelessly to offer quality services, ensuring data transmission and enabling thousands of Brazilians to continue working from home. At this challenging moment, technology plays a key role, enabling communication via text, audio and video, lives on social networks, streaming of movies and series, and access to shopping apps, which help people, especially those at risk, stay home.

Our corporate purpose “People serving People” stands out even more in this context, in which all of our decisions need to consider the well-being and health of each person involved in our operation. Therefore, all our measures consider the life of each of our 4,500 employees, 4,356 suppliers, 1.2 million B2C customers and the employees of our 129,000 corporate customers.